Trailer of the Temptress

"When I read the flyer for Meals on Wheels, I never thought I'd be hauling a frozen goat out of my trunk and down a hole in the ground...."

Melinda Ann Smith reads Trailer of the Temptress, about a woman who delivers food to shut-ins, including a troll, an imprisoned sorcerer and a temptress who lost her powers. You can watch a video of her reading this at

[Run time: 27:43 minutes. The first link above points to 128 kbps, 26.6 MB mp3 file. That's a pretty huge file, so if it takes too long to download, click here to see other file formats for downloading and streaming. Music at the beginning and end is "Hot Lips" by Bill Brown and His Brownies. Music in the middle is a tampered-with version of "Some Day" by Kathryn Grayson, extracted from the 1936 Lux Radio Theatre broadcast of The Vagabond King.]

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