Trailer of the Temptress video

Melinda came through with a reading of "Trailer of the Temptress" which she posted on her YouTube channel. If you have broadband, enjoy the full video. For everybody else, I'll be ripping the audio off it and posting it as part of the regular audio podcast this weekend, if I can figure out how to.

Make sure to subscribe to Melinda's YouTube channel after you hear or see how extraordinarily cute she is.

Update, 15 Jan 2012: Melinda deleted the video above. She occasionally decides to close her channel and delete all videos, then she comes back a while later to start over. I found a copy of her April 2007 reading of the story backed-up on cd-rom. Now it's uploaded to my Youtube channel where it should be more stable, if the good lord's willing and the creek don't rise, and the SOPA don't ruin the internet.
Trailer of the Temptress, Part 1.

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