The Wire Tetragrammaton

"That graffiti you been seeing the last couple weeks on the desks in your department, it's not your employees doing it. That's the kids. We been trying to catch all the kids that got away on the latest Bring Your Child to Work Day, but three or four of 'em are still loose in the building."

What if you could bend a paperclip into a complex, spring-loaded pattern that enabled it to walk across your desk, write reports for you, brew coffee and do your entire job for you? If you could lose yourself in the cracks at work, what could you find there?

[Run time: 22 minutes, 52 seconds. The first link above points to VBR 22 MB mp3 file (hi-fi). That's a pretty huge file, so if it takes too long to download, click here to see other file formats for downloading and streaming. Music at the beginning and end is a slowed version of "Hot Lips" by Bill Brown and His Brownies, which is in the public domain.]

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