Vampire in the Mountain-Tree

Part Two of "Almost Always, Somebody Lost an Eye."

"This is the story of Gon the restless vampire. Fed up with three hundred years of life on Earth, endlessly sucking blood from humans, all the wars and petty politics of the undead community, Gon dropped out of the vampire lifestyle. ...He moved back in with his parents, who had a big place in Milan. They were so glad to see him back that they held off a few years before complaining about how he should grow up, establish a domain of his own somewhere and resume devouring humans like a normal vampire. After all, vampires cannot expect to inherit castles from their immortal parents." ...

[Run time: 27:11 minutes. The link above points to 128 kbps, 26.1 MB mp3 file. That's a pretty huge file, so if it takes too long to download, click here to see other file formats for downloading and streaming. Music at the beginning and end is "Hot Lips" by Bill Brown and His Brownies.]

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