Trailer of the Temptress video re-released

Melinda had deleted her video where she reads my story "Trailer of the Temptress" on one of the occasions when she felt crappy and deleted all her videos & her Youtube channel. (She usually re-opens a few days later, but doesn't upload her old deleted vids.) I found this back-up copy burnt to cd-rom and got her permission to post it on my YT channel, for your viewing pleasure. Sorry, embedding is disabled, but click on the link above to watch. Thanks!

And as long as I got your attention for a moment, you might want to know that Dungeons and Dayjobs is now available in ten ebook formats from for 99¢, paperback and hardcover from, Kindle edition from Amazon, even on the iTunes bookstore. You can't swing a cat around here (the internet) without hitting some edition of it. Get you one!

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